Provisional Young Carer Support Request

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I understand that this is not a full referral into the young carer service since consent and full details of the caring situation have not yet been obtained from the family. The details provided in this form will be used by the young carer team to contact the family and discuss with them whether they would like to self-refer, so please ensure the family knows we will be contacting them. If you can provide full details with consent please use the full Young Carer Support Request form instead as this will reduce the waiting time for the young carer.
Professional Referrer
Please check to see if your organisation is already in our database
Young Carer Team
Please select the most relevant team for your area. If you are not sure, pick the one you think, and we can reallocate it if needed.
1) Please include the name of the young carer, a brief description of their caring role and what support you think would help. 2) Please include the name of a parent with an email address and postcode if possible, or another contact method if not.